Members Appointments

The St Helens Referees' Society is proud of its members and would like to congratulate them on the following appointments:

Northern Cup Final:

Greenfields vs Old Xavs Res - G O'Brien (Referee), R Deakin (AR) & D Deluce (AR)

Hospital Cup Final:

Top Nogs vs Dentons Green - R Deakin (Referee), S Clarke (AR), S Pennington (AR) & P Nurse (4th Official)

Rainford Potteries Cup Final:

Penlake Snr Res vs Sidac Social Res - P Russell (AR) & A Green (AR)

D H Griffith Cup Final

Dentons Green vs Knowsley South - J Goodwin (AR)

Tom Worrall Cup Final:

Old Xaverians Res vs Boilermakers - E Brady (Referee)

LCFA Saturday Junior Cup Final:

Penlake vs Rainhill Town - R Deakin (AR)

Reg Oliver Cup Final:

Rainhill Town Res vs St Michaels D.H Res - D Deluce (Referee) & S Clarke (AR)

James Barnes Memorial Sheild Final:

North Star vs Whitley - R Deakin (Referee) & J Goodwin (AR)

Davenport Millennium Cup Final:

AFC Wigan vs Hindley Town- P Nurse (4th Official)

Bill Heyes Memorial Cup Final:

Hawley vs Highfield Grange - S Pennington (AR)

Northern Cup Semi Final:

Old Xaverians Res vs Fleetcar - R Deakin (Referee), J Goodwin (AR) & G O'Brien (AR)
Greenfields vs Eccleston Utd - S Clarke (Referee) & E Brady (AR)

Rainford Potteries Cup - Semi Final:

Penlake Snr Res vs Sony - A Green (Referee) & D Deluce (AR)

Hospital Cup - Semi Finals:

Boilermakers vs Top Nogs - G O'Brien (Referee), R Deakin (AR) & P Nurse (AR)
Dentons Green vs Pilkington A - J Blackburn (Referee), G Strange (AR) & A Green (AR)

D.H. Griffith Cup - Semi Finals:

Top Nogs vs Dentons Green - G Goodwin (AR) & G O'Brien (AR)
Knowsley South / Flagship vs East Villa - D Deluce (Referee) & E Brady (AR)

Tom Worrall Cup - Semi Finals:

Eccleston Utd vs Old Xaverians - G Strange (Referee)
Boilermakers vs Farnworth - E Brady (Referee) & P Nurse (AR)

Drinkwater Cup - Semi Final:

Beeches vs Moore Utd Res - S Clarke (Referee)

Rainford Potteries Cup - Quarter Finals:

Care Trust vs Sidas Social Res - G Strange (Referee)
Thatto Heath vs Penlake Snr Res - G O'Brien (Referee)
Bold Rangers vs Top Nogs - R Deakin (Referee)

South Lancs Counties U17s Cup - Semi Finals:

Bleak Hill Rovers U17s vs Southport U17s - A Green (AR) & P Nurse (AR)
Knowsley South U17s vs Spring View Athletic U17s - R Deakin (AR)

Wilf Hickson Memorial Cup Semi Final:

Briden Boys / Birkdale Utd vs Southport 18s / Southport 17s - J Goodwin (AR)

U16s Boys Cup - Semi Final:

Aintree Villa vs Holborn Boys - E Brady (AR)

Inter League Competition - Semi Finals:

U14s - Tuebrook JL vs South Liverpool JL - F Keegan (Referee)
U18s - South Lancs Counties vs Liverpool Premier League - R Deakin (Referee)
U18s - St Helens Combination vs Macmillan West Derby - S Clarke (Referee)

LCFA Youth Cup Semi Final:

Universal Properties vs Hale - G Barker (Referee), E Brady (AR) & P Nurse (AR)

LCFA Junior Cup Semi Finals:

Rainhill Town vs Eagle Sports - J Blackburn (Referee)
Penlake vs Old Congs - G Strange (AR) & P Nurse (AR)

LCFA Senior Cup Quater Final:

Everton Reserves vs Prescot Cables - W Trott (Referee) & P Nurse (4th Official)