Joining the St Helens Referees' Society is easy and has a large number of benefits:

Insurance - Referees' Association Insurance will cover you:
- Travelling to & from a game.
- During a game.
- On any Society business.
- For theft of your referee equipment.
- Provide loss of earnings benefit if you are injured as result of an accident.

Society Meetings - Regular monthly meetings including:
- Guest Speakers
- Training Sessions
- Individual Mentoring
- Fitness Training
- Development & Support
- Current members that have refereed or are refereeing at the level you want to reach.

Benevolent Fund - Should you fall on hard time the RA Benevolent Fund is available. The fund has directly helped our members in the very recent past.

Refereeing Publications - The RA and The FA publish a regular magazine

RAFA Reward Scheme - Only full members of the RA can claim free kit via the RAFA Reward Scheme (Formally FAMOA)

Current Membership Fees are:

Full Membership (18+) is £22
Junior Membership is £2
Affiliate Membership is £7
Honoured Membership is £16

To join complete THIS form and bring it to the next meeting with your fee or send it with the correct fee to:

John Blackburn
2 Lindesfarne Court

Please make all cheques payable to "St Helens Referees Society".

Please note that your membership will not be valid until your form and fee have been received by the Treasurer. It is not currently possible to join directly via this web site.