Members Appointments

The St Helens Referees' Society is proud of its members and would like to congratulate them on the following appointments:

The FA Cup Final - Chelsea vs Portsmouth (15th May 2010 at Wembley Stadium)

Chris Foy (Ref)

LCFA Junior Cup Final

J Blackburn (Ref) & A Green (AR)

Hospital Cup Final

J Blackburn (Ref) & P Stevenson (AR)

DH Griffiths Cup Final

E Brady (Ref), D Deluce (AR), C Hulme (AR) & M Lyth (4th)

Tom Worrall Cup Final

A Green (Ref), G Barker (AR), A Tuner (AR) & B Kennedy (4th)

Rainford Potteries Cup Final

S Pennington (Ref), A Langdon (AR), M Dransfield (AR) & G Strange (4th)

Depot Cup Final

D Deluce (AR)

DH Griffiths Semi Finals

C Hulme (Ref) & A Green (AR)
P Stevenson (Ref), S Clake (AR) and A Langdon (AR)

Tom Worrall Semi Finals

B Kennedy (Ref), S Clarke (AR) & A Green (AR)
G Strange (AR)

NWCFL Division One Cup Final

G Barker (AR)

LCFA Senior Cup Semi Final

P Nurse (AR)

LCFA Sunday Premier Cup Semi Final

A Langdon (AR)

LCFA Intermediate Cup Quarter Final

P Stevenson (Ref)
E Brady (Ref)

LCFA Junior Cup Quarter Final

A Langdon (Ref)

FA Cup Extra Preliminary Qualifying Round

P Nurse (AR)
P Stevenson (AR)