Photos of Society members taken over the years.

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St Helens Reporter article about Peter Nurse being promoted to FIFA Futsal Referee List

Len Kelly's LMSA Presentation.

Mark Lyth, Len Kelly and Derek Cleveland.

Another of St Helens Referees' Societies successful 5-a-side teams:

Andy Bowden, John Goodwin, Peter Forrest, Paul Russell, ??
Keith Radcliffe, Mark Lyth and Adam Brighton

Society Football Team
Back Row: Ken Barton (President), Charlie Devine, George Foster, Roy Thomas, Ronnie Earps, Stuart Rimmer, John McConnell, George Dingsdale.
Front Row: ?, Geoff Taylor, Dave Smith, Derek Rees, Bill Ellam, Andy McLoughlin

St Helens Society 5-a-Side Team at Vernon Sangster in around 1987
Back Row: Mark Smith, Peter Hughes' Son, ?, Steve Clarke, Jim Kennedy.
Middle Row: Mark Lyth, Peter Hughes, Gary Strange, Peter's Hughes' son.
Front Row: Bryan Kennedy

St Helens Society 5-a-Side Team from a competition in the late 1980's.
Back Row: Steve Clarke, Mark Smith, Peter Hughes' Son, Jim Kennedy, ?
Middle Row: Gary Strange, Peter Hughes & Mark Lyth
Front Row: Bryan Kennedy

St Helens Referee's Society finished 'Runners up' at the 'National Finals', Wrexham in the late 1980's. On the left is former Chairman Jim Mills and on the right is Len Kelly, also former Chairman.

St Helens Society Team before a challenge match with Warrington Society in 87/88.
Back Row: Paul Edwards, Jack Rennie, Ste Clarke, Nigel Boardman, Kevin Taylor, Dave Redhead, Geoff Thorp, John Mace, Ray Walker.
Front Row: Peter Hughes, Mark Lyth, Jack Castille, Gary Strange, Peter's two sons

Liverpool Referee Society Football Team - John Livingston (GK), Derek Cleveland (centre back row), Terry Roscoe (far right), Len Kelly & Arthur Turner (front row centre).

St Helens 5-a-Side team featuring Len Kelly, Kevin Taylor and a young Chris Foy.

Society Meeting from March 1976 featuring Bill Roberts, Dave Watkins and Len Kelly.

St Helens Referees' Society featuring (from left to right) Brian Foy, Brain Railton, Geoff Kettle, Ken Dixon, George Chapman, Les Richards, Steve Forster, Bob Pickering, David Watkins, Steve Buckley, John Cowley, Dave Nolan, Billy Lever, Phil Wakins, Harry Cross, Peter Kilgannon, Barry Kilgallon, Peter Alcock, Tommy Cannon, Peter Fenney, Barry ???, Jock Craig, Mal Mason, Alan Jones, Arthur Mimmack, Len Kelly, Phil Parr.

St Helens Referees' Society President Terry Roscoe (4th from the right between middle and back rows)

St Helens Referees' Society Honoured Member Dave Watkins (Left) and John Mace (Right).

A very dapper looking St Helens Referees' Society Honoured Members Len Kelly (Far Left) and John Cowley (2nd Left) along with (from left to right) Harry Cross, Peter Fenney, Arthur Mimmack, Tommy Cannon, Ronnie Redmond & Jock Craig.

Former St Helens Referees' Society member and Select Group Referee Chris Foy.

St Helens Referees' Society Members (Left to Right):
Jim Mills, Phil Watkins, John Cowley, Bill Roberts, Len Kelly, Dave Watkins,
Joe Worrall (FIFA Referee & Society Guest), George Foster & Ray Hatton.